Programme 2012

Panel – Comparing the market – weird world tours.

New markets, new contacts, new business, new tours. The panel followed-up on developments in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Our focus will expands further into the French & German language territories, opportunities in South Africa and the Asian regions.


Carl A.H. Martin – cahm.uk

Mick Perrin – Mick Perrin Worldwide
Grégoire Furrer – Montreux Comedy Festival (Switzerland)
Rabin Harduth – Hard Laughs (South Africa)
Jeremy O’Donnell – The Punchline Comedy Club (Asia)
Jami Gong – TakeOut Comedy Club (Hong Kong)

Panel – Going back to our roots – the first steps on the Comedy ladder.
A panel about nurturing talent in the small / medium sized venue, building a business and weathering the economic storms.

Julia Chamberlain – Highlight / SYTYF

Peter Grahame – Downstairs at the Kingshead
Tommy Sheppard – Salt ‘n’ Sauce Promotions Ltd
Geoff Whiting – Mirth Control Comedy
Jill Edwards – Comedy Workshops / Comic Boom Comedy Club

Panel – All about the numbers – to ticketing and beyond.
–> in association with IQ Magazine ~

According to ticketing reports, Comedy keeps growing in relation to other entertainment sectors. What can we learn from these other sectors? Is secondary ticketing a threat to the Comedy industry? How can Apps influence ticket sales?


Allan McGowan – IQ Magazine

Rob Edwards – Eventim
Andrew Williams – Kotikan
Andy Townsend – PIAS Comedy
Edd Lewington – WeGotTickets

Panel – It’s Festival time, all the time – the value of Comedy.

–> in association with Time Out LIVE ~

Comedy is taking over not only arenas, theatres and pub rooms, but can be found on any stage throughout the year now. What kind of audiences does this attract? What models are there and how much should it cost to perform? We bring an all-round panel to present the broader picture, to open up the debate beyond the Edinburgh Fringe walls.

Alex Rochford – Time Out Live

Anthony Alderson – Pleasance
Mike Fox – Fat Jesters
Tania Harrison – Festival Republic
Geoff Rowe – Big Difference Company

Report 2012

Media Partner Comedy website Chortle reported on the State of the Industry as discussed during the 2012 Comedy International Conference.

Partners 2012

Associate Partner
EFM Management Ltd

Media Partners

Time Out Live
Multitude Media
IQ Magazine

Ticketing Partner

Sponsor Drinks Reception
Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

Pleasance Theatre
The Tour Company

Delegates 2012

First Name Last Name Company Country Category
Nick Adair AEG Live UK UK Promoter / Festival
Anthony Alderson Pleasance UK Promoter
Mårten Andersson RAW comedy SE Promoter / Agent
Nino Bantic London Calling Comedy project UK Promoter / Festival
Clarry Bean Swindon Arts Centre UK Venue
Steve Bennett Chortle UK Media
Shirine Best Almega Projects UK Film Production
Mark Boosey British Comedy Guide UK Media
Sean Brightman Sean Brightman Ltd UK Promoter
Richard Broomfield EFM Event Logistics UK Service / Support
Peter Broughton-Rates PBR Comedy UK Booker / Promoter / Producer
Richard Buck Highlight UK Producer
Danielle Buckley Wembley Stadium UK Venue
Richard Bucknall RBM UK Agent
Julia Chamberlain Highlight UK Club booker
Phil Chippendale Comedy Cafe Management UK Manager
Tim Clark Such Small Portions UK Media
Ian Coburn Live Nation UK Promoter
Chaz Collett Barking Mad Comedy UK Agent
Chloée Coqterre GF production FR Producer
Tony Cowards Tony Cowards UK Performer/writer
Lucy Danser Chatback Comedy Club UK Promoter
Jenny-Anne Dexter Cranleigh Arts Centre UK Venue
Venita di Domenico Avalon Promotions UK Promoter
Rob Edwards Eventim UK UK Service / Support
Caroline Edwards Sparkle Productions Ltd. UK Brand investment in Comedy
Jill Edwards Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops UK Promoter
Lea Emery Comedy Cafe Management UK Comedian
Ben Ferris Madcap Comedy UK Promoter
Chris Foote Big Difference Company UK Festival
Mike Fox Fat Jesters UK Promoter
Jim Frayling Wembley Stadium UK Venue
Grégoire Furrer GF production FR Producer / Festival
John Gibson Ticketmaster UK Service / Support
Emily Gough UK Promoter / Producer
Peter Grahame Downstairs at The King’s Head UK Venue
Jonathan Grant Red 24 Management UK Agent
Nick Handford Mick Perrin UK Promoter
Rabin Harduth HardLaughs SA Promoter
Tania Harrison Festival Republic UK Festival
Evan Henderson On At Fife UK Venue
Bev Hewes W & P Longreach UK Insurance Broker
Sarah Higgins Mirth Control UK Agent
Jesper Holger Von Holger DK Manager
Kat Hoult Leicester Square Theatre UK Venue
Sarah Johnson Mick Perrin UK Promoter / Tour Manager
Jessica Keating Multitude Media UK PR
Jess Lambert The Ticket Factory UK Ticketing Company
Hannah Layton James Grant Media UK Agent
Mike Leigh Mike Leigh Associates UK Agent
Andy Lenthall PSA UK Service / Support
Edd Lewington WeGotTickets UK Service / Support
Ben Lyttelton Multitude Media UK PR
Steve Machin Stormcrowd & Dot Tickets UK Other
Carl A H Martin cahm.uk UK Consultant
Kay Martin SECC UK Venue
Neil Masters Comedyzoo UK Producer
Rob Mauduit The Funny Side Artist Management UK Manager
Zoe Mauduit The Funny Side Artist Management UK Manager
Erich McElroy Crack Comedy Club UK Promoter
Allan McGowan IQ Magazine UK Other
Richard McIntyre CrowdSurge UK Ticketing
Dec Munro Test Tube Comedy UK Promoter
Paul Newman The O2 UK Service / Support
Jeremy O’Donnell The Punchline Comedy Club UK Promoter
Anya O’Neill Mick Perrin UK Promoter
Hannah Oldman Old Man Management Ltd UK Agent
Andrew Parsons Ticketmaster UK UK Service / Support
Mick Perrin Mick Perrin UK Promoter
Lucy Pitchford-Todd Big Difference Company UK Festival
James Pringle Laugh Louder Ltd UK App Listings
Chris Prosser The Suspicious Group UK Media
Andrew Ridal Last Second Tickets UK Ticketing / Marketing / Technology
Johanna Rigg Leicester Square Theatre UK Venue
Cristina Riveiros Music Glue UK Other
Alex Rochford Time Out Live UK Producer
Kenneth Rock British Society of Comedy Writers UK Media
Geoff Rowe Big Difference Company UK Festival
Lisa Ryan EFM Event Logistics UK Service / Support
Amy Saunders Still Misbehaving Ltd UK Other
Julian Savitch-Lee ROFL & LOL Comedy Club UK Promoter
Sue Scott-Avis Eventim UK Service / Support
Viki Sever Mick Perrin UK Promoter
Tommy Sheppard Salt ‘n’ Sauce Promotions Ltd UK Promoter / Venue
Ged Skelding Last Second Tickets UK Ticketing / Marketing
Bob Slayer Heroes of Fringe UK Promoter
Ben Stein Avalon Promotions UK Agent
Juliet Stephens The Good Ship Comedy Club UK Promoter / performer / writer
Guy Stevens Jackanapes Gmbh CH Promoter / Producer
Ryan Taylor Pleasance UK Promoter / Venue
Mick Taylor Comedy Cafe Management UK Manager
Andrej Težak CEH ZA SMEH SI Manager / Festivals
Imogen Thomas Avalon Promotions UK Agent
Andy Townsend PIAS Comedy UK Service/Support
Paul Twomey Robertson Taylor Insurance Brokers UK Insurance Broker
Jody VandenBurg Tunnel Films UK Media
Joseph Vesayaporn Music Glue UK Other
Brett Vincent GetComedy UK Promoter / Manager
Jonathan Wakeham LOCO The London Comedy Film Festival UK Festival
Sarah Watson Scottish Comedy Agency UK Festival
Bjorn Wentlandt Avalon Promotions UK Promoter
Ruth Weston NEC Group UK Venue
Geoff Whiting Mirth Control UK Manager / Booker
Joshua Wildenberg Caustic Comedy NL Other
Andrew Williams Kotikan UK Mobile / Ticketing
Ben Williams Time Out London UK Media
Martin Witts Leicester Square Theatre UK Venue
Will Wood Multitude Media UK PR
Louis Zezeran Comedy Estonia EE Promoter

Thanks 2012

We would like to thank everybody who made this third edition possible:

All comics, delegates, speakers, sponsors and volunteers plus Sarah Aitken, Anthony Alderson, James Avery, Tijl Beckand, Steve Bennett, Paul Bertellotti, Mark Boosey, Sean Brightman, James Campbell, Julia Chamberlain, Hugo Chaparro, Nik Coppin, Annie Day, Caroline Edwards, Martin Hughes, Ben Ferris, Charlene Fletcher, Michiel Fransen, Peter Grahame, Madolyn Grove, Patrick Hallett-Morley, Nick Handford, Martin Hopewell, Marec Joyce, Edd Lewington, Katie MacDougall, Carl A.H. Martin, Kay Martin, Allan McGowan, Christine McKinnon, Jessica Keating, Steve Machin, Patrick McCullagh, Jorge Menidis, Adam Milton, Michael Minten, Erin Muller, Heiko Neumann, Dan O’Neill, Lynne Parker, Mick Perrin, Chris Prosser, Alex Rochford, Paul Rutten, Lisa Ryan, Jacob Schuhle-Lewis, Trudi Stevens, Alia Dann Swift, Steve Swift, Ryan Taylor, Jean Paul van de Plasse, Geoff Rowe, Sue Scott-Avis, Becky Singh, Ryan Taylor, Anthony Toth, Susan Turnbull, Raymond Velasquez, Brett Vincent, Marijn van der Waa, Tina Waters, Dan Willis, Jason John Whitehead, Michelle Wigg, Will Wood, Sugar & Kaiba, Abby & Alfie, friends, family, all staff at the Pleasance and the many others that helped to realize this event in many different ways.

Thank you all!
We look forward to seeing you all again in October 2013.

The Comedy International Conference & Showcase is produced BySytske