Programme 2011

Panel – Comparing the market

During this session panellists discussed international markets, looking into current developments in different regions and opportunities for comedy to cross borders.

Carl A.H. Martin – cahm.uk

Nino Bantic – London Calling
Bengt Tvedt – Stand Up Bergen
Mick Taylor – Loose Cannons Comedy Management Ltd
Nick Handford – Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live Ltd

Panel – The Birthplace of Comedy

In this panel we spoke about the small but essential venues as the birthplace of comedy, the value of different types of careers, routes and choices along with an analysis of how the UK circuit functions and operates.

Norma Burke – n2o Entertainment/1 Mighty Craic

Ryan Taylor – Pleasance
Noel Faulkner – Comedy Cafe
Delphine Manley – Beyond Compere
Maggie Inchley – The Comedians Theatre Company

Panel – Compere and conquer – Comedy and the Music industry.
–> in association with IQ Magazine ~

A very obvious development of the last few years is the Music industry moving into the Comedy scene. Time to make a comparison. What are the main differences and what can these two vibrant sectors of the entertainment business learn from each other? As expected, a lively debate between the panellists with with strong opinions from the room was the result.

Greg Parmley – IQ Magazine

Ian Coburn – Live Nation
Jim Frayling – Wembley Stadium
Hannah Chambers – Chambers Management
David Messer – DMP / Dingwalls

Panel – The power of Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and other Social Media.
–> in association with Multitude Media ~

During this panel we will be looking at the impact of the worldwideweb on the distribution of comedy talent. How have the various (social) media channels aided the rise of new comedy talent?

Chris Cooke – Unlimited Media


Will Wood – Multitude Media
Zoie Gibson – Last Second Tickets / Twice Shy Theatre
Tristan Cotterill – Avalon
Steve Manser – Space

Delegates 2011

First Name Last Name Company Country Category
Mehdi Aoustin-Sellami Royal Albert Hall UK Venue
Nino Bantic London Calling Comedy Club (CRO) UK / HR Promoter
Clarry Bean Swindon Borough Council UK Venue
Steve Bennett Chortle UK Media
Asha Bhatt Multitude Media UK Other
Robert Braham Martin Green Ravden UK Other
Cass Briggs Greenwich Comedy Festival UK Producer
Richard Broomfield EFM Management Ltd UK Freight
Peter Broughton-Rates PBR Comedy UK Other
Norma Burke n2o Entertainment /1 Mighty Craic UK Producer
Julia Chamberlain Highlight UK Club booker
Hannah Chambers Chambers Management UK Manager
Phil Chippendale Loose Cannons Management UK Manager
Ian Coburn Live Nation UK Promoter
Nikki Cockcroft Warwick Arts Centre UK Venue
Howard Cohen Baby Blue Banana HU Promoter
Jools Constant Evenhost UK Producer / Director
Chris Cooke UnLimited Media UK Publisher
Jenny-Anne Dexter Cranleigh Arts Centre UK Venue
Rob Edwards Eventim UK UK Service / Support
Caroline Edwards Sparkle Productions Ltd. UK Service / Support
Noel Faulkner Comedy Cafe London UK Venue
Ben Ferris Madcap Comedy UK Promoter
Jim Frayling Wembley Stadium UK Venue
Zoie Gibson Last Second Tickets UK Ticketing
Pete Gionis Leviathan Entertainment Limited UK Promoter
Emily Gough SFTW (Edinburgh) Ltd UK Other
Jonathan Grant Red 24 Management UK Agent
Edward Grossman Martin Green Ravden UK Other
Nick Handford Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live Ltd UK Promoter
Janet Harrison Cofilmic UK Festival
Kat Hoult Live From Leicester Square UK Producer
Maggie Inchley Comedians Theatre Company UK Producer / Director
Sarah Johnson Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live Ltd UK Promoter / Tour Manager
Mike Jones Brewery Arts Centre / Freerange Comedy Festival UK Venue
Sytske Kamstra BySytske / Comedy International NL Producer
Neil Kinsella The Covent Garden Comedy Club UK Venue
Hannah Layton James Grant Management UK Manager
Mike Leigh Mike Leigh Associates UK Agent
Andrew Leitch Big Difference Company / Leicester Comedy Festival UK Festival
Andy Lenthall The PSA UK Other
Edd Lewington WeGotTickets UK Service / Support
Steve Lovering Shelton International Ltd UK Merchandise
Alex Luff Millennium Stadium plc UK Venue
Delphine Manley Beyond Compere UK Agent
Steve Manser Agency Space UK Marketing
Carl Martin cahm.uk UK Consultant
Ben Martin Marshall Arts UK Promoter
Kay Martin SECC UK Venue
Neil Masters ComedyZoo UK Producer / Director
Erich McElroy Crack Comedy Club UK Promoter
Yvonne McGinlay EFM Management Ltd UK Service / Support
Debbie McWilliams ticketSOUP.com UK Venue
David Messer DMP Concerts / Dingwalls UK Promoter
Andrea Miller Funny Women UK Producer
Dec Munro Test Tube Comedy UK Promoter
Melissa O’Brien Comedy Club 4 Kids Ltd UK Producer
Mike O’Brien Laughing Stock Productions UK Other
Desmond O’Connor O’Connor Arts & Ents UK UK Producer / Director
Anya O’Neill Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live Ltd UK Promoter
Hannah Oldman Old Man Management Ltd UK Agent
Ailsa Oliver Playhouse / SMG Europe Ltd UK Venue
Lynne Parker Funny Women UK Producer
Greg Parmley IQ Magazine UK Media / Marketing
Andrew Parsons Ticketmaster UK Ticketing
Mick Perrin Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live Ltd UK Promoter
Raluca Popescu Amphitrion RO Promoter
Chris Prosser Suspicious Marketing UK Marketing
Bobbie Pryor Little Red Noise UK Other
Geoff Rowe Big Difference Company UK Festival
Lisa Ryan EFM Management Ltd UK Freight
Eric Seufert Comedy Estonia EE Producer
Anna Short The Covent Garden Comedy Club UK Venue
Bob Slayer Heroes of Alternative Comedy UK Promoter
Edward Smith Phil McIntyre Entertainments UK Promoter
Alexandra Smith Live From Leicester Square UK Producer
Susana Sola Leviathan Entertainment Limited UK Producer
Juliet Stephens The Good Ship Comedy Club UK Promoter
Guy Stevens The International Comedy Club / Jackanapes Productions GmbH CH Promoter
Yan Stile SSE Audio Group UK PA rental & sales
Mick Taylor Loose Cannons Comedy Management UK Manager
Ryan Taylor Pleasance UK Venue
Wilko Terwijn Comedy Cafe Amsterdam NL Venue
Andrej Tezak Ceh za Smeh SI Promoter
Bengt Tvedt Stand Up Bergen NO Promoter
Paul Twomey Robertson Taylor Insurance Brokers UK Other
Joshua Wildenberg Caustic Comedy Association NL Festival
Vanessa Wilson Ticketmaster UK Ticketing
Will Wood Multitude Media UK PR

Report 2011

For those who could not attend the Comedy International Conference 2011 we have produced a short video to give you an impression of the day.

Comedy International Conference 2011 from Comedy International on Vimeo.

In 2011 Chortle posted two articles on discussions as held at the Comedy International Conference 2011:

* Comedy Cafe founder & owner Noel Faulkner captured the room by holding a very passionate and entertaining plead on the panel The Birthplace of Comedy pointing out the rights and wrongs in the industry. Steve Bennett reports:  Greed and TV are killing comedy

* It is possible, it works, and in Germany it has long has been done; Stand-up Comedy in stadiums. We spoke about it in 2010 and in 2011 it came back up in several panels. The Compere and Conquer panel looking at the music industry for reference discussed how fast comedy was following in the footsteps off the music business. According to Chortle, one of the conclusions was: Comics ‘will be playing UK stadiums soon’

Partners 2011

Associate Partner
EFM Management Ltd

Media Partners

Multitude Media
IQ Magazine

Ticketing Partner

Sponsor Drinks Reception

Greenwich Comedy Festival
The Tour Company

Thanks 2011

We would like to thank everybody who made this second edition possible:

All comics, delegates, speakers, sponsors and volunteers, plus Arpi Arayan, James Avery, Tijl Beckand, Steve Bennett, Asha Bhatt, Will Billany, Cass Briggs, Mark Boosey, Will Briggs, Sean Brightman, Norma Burke, Rowan Campbell, Chris Cooke, Louie Curle, Janet Harrison, Andreas Henkel, Martin Hughes, Zoie Gibson, Michiel Fransen, Patrick Hallett-Morley, Nick Handford, Martin Hopewell, Karen Koren, Carl A.H. Martin, Kay Martin, Christine McKinnon, Michael Minten, Melissa O’Brien, Caitlin O’Reilly, Greg Parmley, Mick Perrin, Chris Prosser, Simon Richards, Paul Ronca, Gilbert Rozon, Paul Rutten, Lisa Ryan, Jacob Schuhle-Lewis, Philip Solga, Guy Stevens, Alia Dann Swift, Steve Swift, Ryan Taylor, Jean Paul van de Plasse, Mick Taylor, Rachel Thrum, Brett Vincent, Marijn van der Waa, Tina Waters, Jason John Whitehead, Will Wood, friends, family and the many others that helped to realize this event in many different ways.

Thank you all!
We look forward to seeing you all again in September 2012.

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