The latest 2016 delegates’ list is published below.  For previous delegates’ list please refer to the archive.

In the past six years over 350 Comedy Industry Professionals from 24 different countries attended the Conference. Together they are working in the Comedy sector across at least 30 different territories. With the UK being the leading region, over the years delegates have shared experiences and developed new markets as a direct result of attending the event. Whilst every year new first time introductions are still being made, the event has also become a place to catch up with colleagues and friends in person and to put faces to names.

The Conference is for professionals in the international Comedy Industry, such as Agents, Festivals, Managers, Media, Promoters, Services (such as Ticketing, Transport & Travel, PR, Marketing and Production companies) and last but not least Venues who have an interest in developing their network and knowledge within the UK and worldwide. Despite the main focus of the event being on Live Stand-up Comedy, there is opportunity to discuss and compare other art forms, genres and media. We welcome Comedy Professionals such as internet entrepreneurs, marketing, PR specialists and Radio/TV producers, venues with an interest to add Comedy to their programming and professionals from the theatre & music industry to join the discussions, learn and share the knowledge.

Panellists will be selected based on the panel topics in close liaison with the panel chair and panel specific associates, however the dialogue takes place in the room between all attendees.

Please find the latest delegates’ lists for 2016 below.
The delegates list for 2017 will be published nearer to the event.

First Name Last Name Company Country Category
Isabelle Adam Comedy Club 4 Kids UK Promoter
Paulius Ambrazevičius Juoko kalvė LT Promoter
Carolina Arriaga Montreux Comedy Festival / Jokenation FR Producer
Simon Barfoot Soho Theatre UK Venue
Samuel Barlow Openstageit Ltd UK Service / Support
James Barnett Openstageit Ltd UK Service / Support
Dan Berg NextUp Comedy UK Media
Bren Berry Aiken Promotions IE Promoter
Tom Bertels Live Comedy Belgium BE Promoter
Joshua Boland-Burrell The Nursery Theatre UK Venue
Mark Boosey British Comedy Guide UK Media
Bentley Browning Cute Cat Productions UK Manager
Ami Cash Lisa Richards UK UK Agent
Hannah Chambers Chambers Management UK Agent
Michael Clapham Perfect Strangers Comedy UK Promoter
Ian Congdon NEC Group Arenas UK Venue
Wouter de Wilde Greenhouse Talent NL Promoter
Georgie Donnelly Kilimanjaro live UK Producer
Ian Dulson YPlan UK Service / Support
Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops & Comic Boom Comedy Club UK Promoter
Laura Elliot Warwick Arts Centre UK Venue
Megan Evans Deer Shed Festival UK Festival
Sophie Evans Standon Calling UK Festival
Niall Forde Islington Council UK Other
Emily Gough EMX Management UK Manager / Agent
Eddy Grant Capita UK Consultant
Helen Green Bradford Theatres UK Venue
Ed Grossman Brackman Chopra LLP UK Other
Alex Hall The Galton Agency Ltd UK Agent
Nick Handford Mick Perrin Worldwide UK Promoter/Manager
Sarah Henley NextUp Comedy UK Media
Luke Hinton JuiceBox Live UK Promoter
Tom Hopewell BEA UK Agent
Holly Hyams Mick Perrin Worldwide UK Promoter
Gaby Jerrard Gaby Jerrard PR UK PR
George Johnson Chambers Touring Ltd UK Promoter
Nathalie Laurent-Marke Mick Perrin Worldwide UK Manager
Stuart Laws Turtle Canyon Comedy UK Producer
Hannah Layton Hannah Layton Management UK Agent
James Lee TicketLine Network UK Service / Support
Kate Lennon Funny Women Ltd UK Producer
Ria Lina Equity UK Other
Dag Lindsholm A Comic Soul NO Promoter
Ami Lord Standon Calling UK Festival
Hilary MacDonald AECC Ltd UK Venue
Anna Mackenzie AECC Ltd UK Venue
Atif Malik Troxy UK Venue
Carl AH Martin UK Consultant
Merel Mathey Comedy Cafe BV NL Venue
Corrie McGuire ROAR Comedy UK Agent
Luke Molloy Pickle Boy Comedy UK Promoter
Ellen Morgan Royal Albert Hall UK Venue
Vicky Morris Sue Terry Voices Ltd UK Agent
Samuel Nunn RBM UK Agent
Philip O’Brien Freelance UK Production
Lee O’Hanlon tinyCOW UK Promoter
Hannah Oldman Old Man Management Ltd UK Agent
Christelle Pare École nationale de l’humour CA Researcher
Lynne Parker Funny Women Ltd UK Producer
Mary Pelling The Comedy Bar UK Venue
Sam Perl Gracia Live BE Promoter
Sara-Jane Power Royal Albert Hall UK Venue
Alex Rochford The Producers UK UK Producer / Venue
Andy Rudge Integro Insurance Brokers Ltd UK Other
Berang Sharokni A Comic Soul NO Promoter
Michelle Singer Kosher Bacon Management Ltd UK Manager
Becky Singh Freelance UK Producer / Director
Joe Splain Academy Music Group UK Venue
Nick Steel Bath Comedy Festival UK Festival
Guy Stevens Jackanapes GmbH CH Promoter
Jurgen Strack Giving World UK Manager
Zoe Swindells The O2 UK Venue
John Talbot Ticketmaster UK Other
Chi Ton The Comedy Box Norway NO Producer
Jessica Toomey Frog and Bucket comedy club UK Venue
Andy Townsend The Galton Agency Ltd UK Agent
Alex Trenchard Standon Calling UK Festival
Erik Uppstrøm A Comic Soul NO Promoter
Éric Vandepoorter Alexine Business Solutions Ltd UK/FR Consultant
Brett Vincent GetComedy Ltd UK Producer
Marion Vivien VIV Design And Print Limited UK Other
Ellen Waghorn The Comedy Bar UK Producer
Ruth Weston NEC Group Arenas UK Venue
Geoffrey Whiting Mirth Control Comedy UK Agent
Joshua Wildenberg Caustic Comedy Events NL Producer
Steve Zapp ITB UK Agent
Louis Zezeran Comedy Estonia EE Promoter